As a birthday gift I got the cutest book called 14000 things to be happy about. (My birthday was in March though so I’m a bit late but hey, it’s the idea that counts, right?) You probably have or at least have heard about it. Still, I find it such a nice idea to sit and think about the little pleasant things in life. Soooo. Here’s the idea; every month I’ll post a ’10 things to be happy about’ list. This list will include for example videos that made me really happy or a quote or maybe a product that put a smile on my face. But, I’ll also pick at least three of my favorite things out of the book that made me really happy that month (indicated by: ☺).

So. Let’s start with number one!!

  • This video of Adele at Glastonbury gave me so many chills and actually almost brought me to tears (which never happens, really).
  • I enjoyed this podcast so much. The idea of someone anonymously telling their story speaks to me a lot and this woman is super funny but also kind of inspirational. It literally went from breakfast to having a hard youth. The hosts voice kinda makes me swoon as well, uhm.
  • ☺: the pure joy of the sun
  • I thought this video was so funny but also an eyeopener in some kind of way (?) (it’s in Dutch but there’s English subtitles). PrimaDonna is a bra brand, that produces bras for bigger sizes. They invented a day where all men that work for the company had to carry weights to experience what it’s like having big(ger) breasts.
  • I recently discovered this website where you can download free, quality magazines. LOVE. I adore good, quality magazines so much and this makes them available for anyone. There’s also loads of photography inspiration!! 😳
  • THIS IS AMAZING. I love festivals and concerts because everyone is so hyped and fun and everyone is there for the same reason and this video proves this once again.
  • ☺: sleeping sprawled out on the bed
  • Yesterday I came across this online shop called serengetee. They offer lots of different types of tees and you can even customize them, choosing your own pattern for the pocket. I especially love the ‘Travel More’ tees!! Oh, and 10% of their profit goes back to great causes around the world, so you’re helping the world while looking fabulous. What more could you want?
  • Here’s a new word: acatalepsy. {Noun.} The impossibility of comprehending the universe. I love this a lot because this emotion (is that what it is? I don’t know really) happens quite often in my life, for some weird reason. I always get overwhelmed by it but not in a negative way. I like thinking about how this all started and how something can be so immense and never ending. It makes me realize how tiny I am.
  • ☺: bakery croissants 

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