what do YOU want?


Well, this is getting a bit boring now, saying how it’s been a long time (8 months, uhhh). I can name all kinds of reasons why I didn’t upload a new blogpost but I won’t. I just can’t seem to keep a schedule and I’m okay with that. However, I do still write since I’m writing for the magazine that my study association releases four times a year. Every time I compose a new article I remember how much I love to come up with new sentences that have never been written before. The only thing is that these articles are most of the time either very formal or informal, and are written for a fixed theme. That’s why I wanted to give this little piece of the internet that is ‘mine’ another go. So, here I am again. Hoping the blogging world still wants me. And if not, I don’t really mind.

The sun will rise and we will try again.

Because, another thing that I realized, is that I have to write for myself. Yeah, sure, it’s nice if people read what I wrote and also like it, but the most important thing is that I like writing and on here I can do that. Something I’ve been struggling with however, is the subjects that I write about. It’s hard to keep up with what’s going on in the bloggers world, ya know. Also, I don’t consider my life as extraordinary.

But, from now on, I’m going to write about things that interest me, regardless of whether it’s trending right now. This also includes, well, big subjects, such as fairtrade, climate change, and body image. I might also upload a light photography post occasionally though ;-).

So, this is it for now, but I’m excited for what’s yet to come.



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