Valencia, the multi-faceted city

¡Hola amigos!

About two weeks ago, a friend and I went to Valencia, Spain, to practise our Spanish skills. We both study Spanish and what better way to get to know the language than fully immersing yourself in it, right?!

Monday the 19th of June we hopped on a plane to Valencia airport. The flight was only about two hours, so before we knew it we had already landed in Spain. Eeeek! Outside we arranged a taxi to take us to our AirBnb. Thank god we speak a little Spanish, because our taxi driver did try English, but we could actually understand him better when he was speaking Spanish. We got there in the end though.

The little studio we rented was the cutest thing ever. We rented it through AirBnB, but if you’re not too sure about that, they also have their own website. Our host was so kind and helpful, she was basically our mama on the road. She made sure we had enough water (’cause boy, it was hot!), sunblock, a map and she even went to get me Band-Aids when I needed them. Our studio is called Ruzafa Perfecto, flat B, in case you wanted to know ;-).

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what do YOU want?


Well, this is getting a bit boring now, saying how it’s been a long time (8 months, uhhh). I can name all kinds of reasons why I didn’t upload a new blogpost but I won’t. I just can’t seem to keep a schedule and I’m okay with that. However, I do still write since I’m writing for the magazine that my study association releases four times a year. Every time I compose a new article I remember how much I love to come up with new sentences that have never been written before. The only thing is that these articles are most of the time either very formal or informal, and are written for a fixed theme. That’s why I wanted to give this little piece of the internet that is ‘mine’ another go. So, here I am again. Hoping the blogging world still wants me. And if not, I don’t really mind.

The sun will rise and we will try again.

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Waddup internet friendz? How’s life treating you?

I’m quite good, actually. About a week ago I came back from Denmark after two weeks of a well deserved holiday. I had a pretty amazing time, which I will tell you allllll about in my next post.

So, I may have told you that I’m starting uni in September, which is really exciting but also really scary. I’ll be studying International Business Communication. Eeep. I was kind of really done with high school since I spent six years there and I had kinda outgrown all the younger kids there and yeah. But at the same time I still feel like such a baby and not at all like a proper student.


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As a birthday gift I got the cutest book called 14000 things to be happy about. (My birthday was in March though so I’m a bit late but hey, it’s the idea that counts, right?) You probably have or at least have heard about it. Still, I find it such a nice idea to sit and think about the little pleasant things in life. Soooo. Here’s the idea; every month I’ll post a ’10 things to be happy about’ list. This list will include for example videos that made me really happy or a quote or maybe a product that put a smile on my face. But, I’ll also pick at least three of my favorite things out of the book that made me really happy that month (indicated by: ☺).

So. Let’s start with number one!!

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It’s me. It’s been a little while again, but that is all because I was soooo busy laying in the sun, swimming in the ocean, discovering cute little places and meeting kind new people. Phew, the hard life. YEP, that’s right. I was on vacation with one of my best friends in Croatia and boy did we have a good time. I miss it so so so much already. The crying sound you hear is me.




Helloooo lovely lot.

Today I have made my favorite entertainment list for you. I have loved loads of entertainment things lately and thought it’d be fun sharing it with you guys.

  • Book: I’ll give you the sun. Oh how I love this book. It’s an YA book, but I defenitely feel like it could be such a good read to anyone. I had bought the book quite a while ago actually but I’ve only just come around to finish reading it. I found it a little hard to get in the flow in the beginning, but once you’re in it, you’re so in it. I couldn’t stop reading but didn’t want it coming to an end either. It discusses big subjects such as loss, homosexuality and love, but it’s written very lightly. I especially loved the way Noah looked at the world.

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