Everything goooood?
I just wanted to give you a quick update, so here I am. As my final exams are starting in just two days (eeeeek! nervous breakdown) I won’t be writing and/or uploading blogposts for the next two weeks. I need to revise a whole lot and when I’m not studying I’m gonna try and get as much rest as possible. BUT! I’ll hopefully upload a Spring Break post around the 27th of May. So yeah. I hope I’ll survive. It was good knowing you. Take care and talk soon!



Hiiiii people on the interwebs!

How’s life? All good?

I don’t really know how to feel to be honest. My final exams are coming up and I’m kind of very much dreading them. I still have to revise sooo much and UGH. Other than that, I’m also kind of sad that my high school years are over? Is that weird? I mean, I have spent six years of my life with all these people and a lot of my favorite memories are from these years *gets really emosh* *starts ugly crying*.

But, yeah. Since the weather these days is just downright shitty -excuse the language-  I am dreaming of good weather and holidays and SUN. please. It’s almost May and the past couple of days I haven’t seen the sun shine for more than five minutes. Whyyyy. I actually made myself hot choco today. What kind of life is this?!

So. I thought, to get you and myself in a good mood, I’d share my favorite songs of the moment that remind me of sunnier (read: better) days.

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A few days ago, I came across the prettiest thing in the history of all history. A vintage old globe has been on my wishlist for quite some time already, but when I found these globes made by Laura Maxcy, I knew this is what I’ve secretly always wanted. They’re just sooo incredibly pretty, I don’t think I will ever get over it. Ever.
But, when I found out they’re $150 (obvs they’re expensive; they’re hand painted and vintage and beautiful and all that), and they’re made in the USA as well, which means I have to pay real high shipping costs and taxes for the globe to get here, I was so disappointed.
Then I remembered I still had an old globe standing on a shelf, just eating dust. So, I decided to make one myself and a new DIY idea was born. Woo!



You know those days that are just perfect in all their simplicity?
Well, last Sunday was one of them. Together with my best friend and my mam I visited this really big vintage market in a church which wasn’t only so much fun, it was also reaaaally photogenic. LOVE. We just strolled past all the little stands and had some good laughs about a few really really old true vintage pieces. There was music and food as well so, basically, what more could you want?! Fashion, food and music sound to me as the perfect ingredients for a good ol’ Sunday afternoon.

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Life is full of choices.

I know that and I’ve always thought I was pretty good at making them. But as my final exams are coming up, which means I have to have a plan for the future, I started to doubt that, myself and my future more and more.

I know what I want to do for a living when I’m all grown up, but before that, I still have to go to uni. And that’s exactly what stressed me out. Big time. I know what I like, I know what I’m good at, but I kinda feel like I’m not really passionate about anything. Besides that, there are so many universities and studies to choose from, which made it all really overwhelming for me. I felt a really big pressure to have made up my mind before the end of March, even though I wasn’t even sure if I wanted to go to uni right away at all.



I am the worst. The absolute worst.
Remember when I told you to prepare yourselves for loads of blog posts last summerbreak? Well, I wrote exactly zero blogposts. Blame it on work? My social life? Lack of motivation?
No let’s just blame it on working my ass off. And a little on lack of motivation. Oops.

The past couple of months I have been so busy with school and my job that I felt like I had no energy left to write blogposts. I also kinda feel like my life isn’t that interesting? Anyway, lately I have felt like writing again for the first time in forever.

BUT. I turned 18 one and a half week ago and now I’m officially an adult. What. Nope. I still feel like a baby though, ha. The weeks before my birthday (and everyone else’s? Why does it feel like everyone is born in March?!) I was on a real hunt for good birthday presents. And boy, did I found some gooood things. The internet is truly a great place.

So, prepare yourselves for my findings, because they are so great I couldn’t handle it, and neither will you.

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Summer-y things

you guuuuuys. hi.

How have you been the past month? I’ve been great, busy, happy.
Been working a lot, ’cause you know, I need to save up to go on holiday with my friends next year to Malta!! YES. I’m so excited already, even though we don’t have any real plans yet.
The weather was so amazing last week as well, like 35 Celsius or 95 Fahrenheit, whaaaat. yep, that was a real thing. So my best friends and I went for a swim in a lake near our town, even though our testweek started two days after that. Obvs. 

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