Valencia, the multi-faceted city

¡Hola amigos!

About two weeks ago, a friend and I went to Valencia, Spain, to practise our Spanish skills. We both study Spanish and what better way to get to know the language than fully immersing yourself in it, right?!

Monday the 19th of June we hopped on a plane to Valencia airport. The flight was only about two hours, so before we knew it we had already landed in Spain. Eeeek! Outside we arranged a taxi to take us to our AirBnb. Thank god we speak a little Spanish, because our taxi driver did try English, but we could actually understand him better when he was speaking Spanish. We got there in the end though.

The little studio we rented was the cutest thing ever. We rented it through AirBnB, but if you’re not too sure about that, they also have their own website. Our host was so kind and helpful, she was basically our mama on the road. She made sure we had enough water (’cause boy, it was hot!), sunblock, a map and she even went to get me Band-Aids when I needed them. Our studio is called Ruzafa Perfecto, flat B, in case you wanted to know ;-).

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